Improving relations between the United States and Cuba

Serving as an Advocate for Cuba

Individuals throughout the United States and abroad have dreamed of and recognized the need for an organization that strives for normal relations between the United States and Cuba – particularly, an organization that neither seeks self aggrandizement, nor personal gain for any of its members or for itself. In 2009, The International Cuba Society was formed to fill this need. Its vision is to serve as an advocate for Cuba and its people at an international level.

The Society's primary endeavor is to build relationships and promote dialogue and understanding among people, leaders and institutions in Cuba, the United States and the world at large. Forming a broad based membership which can share accurate and objective dissemination is one the Society's chief concerns.

The State of Louisiana, and especially the City of New Orleans, was chosen as the Society's center in recognition and in respect of the long standing social, political and economic ties that bind New Orleans and Cuba.

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Join us for this first-of-its-kind trip to Cuba.

We invite business and civic leaders to travel with us for a week of seminars on law and policy, cultural exchanges and visits to some of Cuba’s interesting and historic sites.

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